My novella ‘The Pagan Sorceress’ has been published by House of Erotica.

The Pagan Sorceress is an historical/paranormal erotic story.  The action is divided between the Anglo-Saxon period and the present day.  It all takes place on Samhain so it makes for a great Halloween read.

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Story blurb

Sam is about to carry out a strange experiment.  She is an archaeology student specialising in reconstructive archaeology and her idea is to recreate an Anglo-Saxon pagan burial ceremony.  It’s Samhain eve and the night of a full moon so it’s the perfect time to carry out such a ritual.  She enlists the help of her friend, Dan, and together they go off to the site of a burial mound where wonderful swords and sceptres were excavated many years ago.

A travelling story teller is at the court of a Saxon king.  He recites the tale of two soul-entwined lovers from an earlier, more chaotic, period when king’s warred amongst each other.  He tells the tragic tale of Cyneburh, pagan sorceress and daughter of the mighty pagan king Penda and Alhfrith, son of Athelwald the king of Deira, her hero-warrior lover and betrothed.  The two kings have formed a mighty political and religious alliance but, more than that, the young woman and man have forged a passionate union of their own.  But this new alliance has enemies and before their wedding night is over there will be a tragic outcome.  As King Penda stands at the edge of their burial chamber he invokes a curse of vengeance against the murderous act perpetrated against him.  But, how many years will it take before he is finally avenged?

As Sam stands on top of the burial mound dressed as an Anglo-Saxon pagan priestess with Dan at her side, is she aware of what ancient powers she will invoke as their lives become entwined with those of Cyneburh and Alhfrith from many centuries ago?  Will the pagan king’s oath of vengeance be fulfilled?  Will the souls of the two lovers be finally released?

Story extract

Peace reigned and long summer the two lovers spent in joy filled company and passionate love-making.  To a place of private retreat they would retire, far from mighty hall and mud-daubed village dwelling. To hidden glade and luminous still pool they resorted.   Enchantments Cyneburh summoned to cast a veil around the secret hiding place.  Guarded by mighty oak and watchful wolf, no creature, man or beast, disturbed their secret world of passion and desire.

There, passionate kiss they exchanged.  Serpent-like their tongues wrestled and inter-twined in their mouths each warring with the other in a battle of desire in which each was the equal of the other.  With feather like tender touch they sought out each other’s bodies.  Cyneburh explored her warrior’s sturdy frame battle marked with ruddy scar. Each glowing blemish she touched affectionately with healing hand and lover’s kiss.  For Cyneburh craved for no battle shy prince or innocent virgin but strong armed battle proven hero to share her feminine secrets with and fulfil her ardent need.  Broad chested and powerful she embraced his muscular frame in soft skinned arms and planted kisses on each scar of her hero’s chiselled torso.

Tunic and robe, broach and belt were cast aside and strewn across glade’s grassy bank in careless abandon…

Reviews for ‘The Pagan Sorceress’

From On the Broomstick blog and Erzabets Enchantments

This book is a blend of present and the past, artfully intertwined to give a story long enough to give you a glimpse of both, but skillfully done with enough time for you to eat your lunch or read it in one evening. It is powerful, sensual and a wonderful short work to read, especially this time of year.
Erotic and full of poignant elements from the past, Slave Nano does an excellent job of using prose to actually feel the difference from being here, now to being in the center of a pagan wedding and consumation event from times long past. When events collide, you get a fantastic climax that will rock the foundations of time and space. Sex magic at its absolute best.
If you are looking for a story that stirs the body and gives you a passionate look into the past, then this book is for you. Slave Nano is a master storyteller that illustrates his tale like a finely wrought tapestry.
From Readaholic’s Book Reviews
A quick, hot read, The Pagan Sorceress is surprising and a perfect Halloween story. I enjoyed it as a quick read one afternoon. Sam and Dan don’t know exactly what they were in for when Dan agrees to help Sam reenact a pagan burial ceremony on Halloween. Loved it! Can’t wait to read more from Slave Nano.