The Call of the Night

My story, ‘Lord Nano’s Nemesis’ also appears in this e-book anthology along with four other stories from ‘Dark Desires’

“….My name is Nemesis.  You may have heard of it, my reputation is spreading wide; tales abound of the mysterious dark woman who appears out of the mist to divest men of their wealth….and their dignity. My mission is to expose men, to have them humiliated and submit to me.  My motto is not ‘Stand and Deliver’, but ‘Prostrate and Submit’.  Obey my commands and you may survive your ordeal.  Disobey, and you have heard my name, retribution will be swift and complete.”

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Raunchy Reader on

oh Wow, I loved this collection. Lord Nano’s Nemesis is particularly dark and particularly hot, featuring a sadistic highwaywoman! Perfect for the dominatrix in me!