House of Erotica collectionMy short story  ‘That’s the way to do it!’ has been published in The House of Erotica. This is a free anthology containing short stories by House of Erotica authors.

About the book

A tale of a young woman who has fallen in with the wrong crowd; an insight into the lives of a travelling burlesque group; an engaging account of an evening of bondage and a story about a voluptuous socialite – just a few of the scenarios you will encounter in this fantastic assortment of brand new stories from House of Erotica.

With contributions from some of the erotica’s best-loved authors, this nine-story collection is a great introduction to our catalogue which covers every fantasy imaginable. So whether you want to read about friends with benefits, one-night stands, hot southern summers or prudish young women, this tantalising taster of short stories is sure to have something for everyone.

The anthology also contains stories from the following authors: Nicole Gestalt, Lucy Felthouse, Olivia London, Vanessa de Sade, H L Lola, Sybil Rush, Erin Pim and Dee Voyse

‘That’s the way to do it,’ my story in the anthology, is a dark BDSM twist on Punch and Judy.

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Story blurb

Oh deary deary me. That Judy. You know she’s so rude and naughty. She deserves to be punished, doesn’t she boys and girls? Yes, I knew you’d agree. I’ll whack her with my stick, shall I? And what if she loses my sawsiges, my luverly sawsiges I wanted for lunch. She’ll deserve even more punishment then, won’t she boys and girls? She’s all mine you know. I won’t let any hangman or devil take her away from me. I’m far too mischievous and clever to let that happen. And then I’ll be able to punish her all I want, won’t I? Rootitootitoo-it, that’s the way to do it!

Punch2Story extract

It was then I heard the voice, that voice; the voice from my childhood nightmares.

“Come on Punch. Don’t be shy, say hello to the boys and girls.”

“Oh deary, deary, deary me! Hello boys and girls. My name is Punchinello, all dressed in red and yellow, I’m such a clever fellow. Rootitootitoo-it!…Where’s that Judy?!”

It was the strangest sensation. I felt myself being hoisted up towards the seam of light high above me as if by some invisible force that had complete control over me. I still couldn’t exert any control over my body and as I felt myself being raised up, my arms and legs dangling helplessly in the air, until all of a sudden my head emerged into the light. A dazzling sun shone in my eyes but as they adjusted to the brilliant light I looked on in horror. I found myself hanging there stark naked exposed for everybody to see, my breasts jiggling in the sunshine, looking out on a crowd of people.

“Oh look boys and girls; it’s Judy,” announced an anonymous disembodied voice.

Except they weren’t boys and girls at all, they were all adults. There was a sea of faces staring back at me, ogling my nakedness and mocking my predicament.

I was in a puppet show, my body controlled by an invisible puppeteer and there, right alongside me, was the figure from my childhood nightmares…Punch. His wooden painted face leered at me with a grin.

“How ‘bout a kiss? Kissy, kissy, kissy!”

The wooden face with its hideous hooked nose and its chin sticking out, its gaudy red painted cheeks and black fixed eyes advanced towards me. The wooden jaw closed up and the puppet planted a kiss on my immobile reluctant lips. I tried to pull away but was powerless. I felt the shiny varnish surface on my mouth.

“That’s the way to do it!” Punch called out and the crowd roared with laughter.

“Judy’s a naughty girl, isn’t she boys and girls. Look at her. She’s got no clothes on. Totally naked. Naughty rude girl, isn’t she? Do you think she should be punished boys and girls?”

“Yes,” the crowd roared back in unison and then individual calls came out. “Punish her Punch! Smack her Punch! Whack her Punch!”

I couldn’t understand. Why were they being so horrible to me? It was such a humiliation to be made a spectacle of in front of this baying crowd.

“Naughty Judy. Now bend over Judy.”


By Milly on


You usually expect a free download to be a bit rubbish and only contain excerpts from stories but this is a fantastic little collection. Great subtle cover great layout and great stories – all of which are brand new.

I’ve since taken a look at the publisher’s website and their covers are absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to reading some more from these authors.

5 stars

By Nick on

Excellent – and free as well!

Very good – recommended.

5 stars

By Anonymous reader on Amazon. com


Want something hot to read but don’t have a lot of time??? Well, pick up this book! Each of the stories in this collection stand on their own, but together make up one steamy book! There is just about anything you could want within this collection of erotic stories, so I highly recommend that you get this book. And for the price, how could you go wrong?

5 stars

By Jake on

Well worth it!

Just brilliant

5 stars