CoverSmall13My story ‘Richard Whittington and his Cat’ has been published in the House of Erotica anthology Once Upon A Time. This is a collection of wickedly erotic takes on some of the much-loved fairy tale classics including Cinderella, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Alice in Wonderland and Babes in the Woods by authors A J Roman, John Bauer, M Marie and Vanessa de Sade. My contribution is a humorous story with a vein of political satire which draws on elements of the fairy stories of Dick Whittington and Puss in Boots.

Story blurb

In a twisted take on Dick Whittington and Puss in Boots, local politician Richard Whittington’s life changes when his personal assistant Catherine Perrault, enters his life. She persuades him to stand for mayor of London. Cat becomes Dick’s political adviser and campaign manager and, by means of blackmail, seduction and entrapment, she runs a remarkably successful campaign. Will Cat and Dick pull off the political sensation of the age? What is Cat’s real motivation behind the support for her protégé? And why do her kisses taste, well…a bit fishy?

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Story extract

“Pesky moggy,” grumbled the caretaker taking a swing at the cat with his mop, “Go on, get out of ‘ere.”

The cat, completely unflustered by the cleaner’s attention, nonchalantly slinked out of the leather backed chair reserved for the chairman of Rutshire County Council and stretched her slender frame before shooting a glance of disdain at the caretaker and padding out of the council chamber into the corridors of County Hall as if she owned them. The cat, with her sleek coat of black fur, slithered down the empty corridors with effortless feline grace.

She halted at a door left ajar overnight and cast her eyes up to a scribbled name on a piece of card stuck to it with blu-tak. It read, Richard Whittington, Portfolio Holder for Sustainability and Community Engagement. She squeezed her slender frame through the narrow gap, leapt lithely onto the desk, padded over a computer keyboard and jumped into a shabby office chair and curled herself up. She settled down for a well-earned snooze…tomorrow would be a busy day.