My short story La Contessa’s Game has been published in the Xcite Books anthology ‘Past Pleasures: Erotica set in Times Past’.

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Xcite Books

Story blurb

Renowned for her cruelty and for the bizarre sexual tasks she uses her household servants for, La Contessa’s reputation is well established in 18thcentury Venice.  Made to dress as an elegant Venetian noblewoman her male servant is paraded through the canals and alleyways of the city for an encounter with Francesca, an enthusiastic courtesan, in which both are party to her twisted and perverted game.

Story extract

…The maid holds up a pair of silk cami-knickers.

“You must put these on. Contessa wants every piece of your dress to be perfect.”

I pull them gently up, feeling the satin texture of the silk rub against my cock and balls.  It’s hard to describe the sensation.  It’s humiliating, to be made to stand in front of a female maid in women’s undergarments with my manhood enveloped in silk.  There’s also something deliciously sensuous about it; the touch of the smooth material, the feeling of succumbing to a feminine side I never realised I possessed.


Raunchy Reader 3 Sep 2012

This is one of the latest books that has arrived from Xcite books for me to review, it is a collection of 20 short erotic stories from all over the world from all different times from all different authors.
So start undoing your corsets and put your feet up for a fab sexy read.

La Contessa’s Game by Slave Nano
Set in the 18th Century, La Contessa is known for making her servants do bizarre sexual tasks, her latest is to dress her male servant as an elegant Venetian noblewoman while she is dressed as a lord, this is a story about some cross-dressing fun, where she walks her servant through the canals and alleyways of Venice and into a seedy brothel where she pays a prostitute to continue her sexual games of dominance, submission and bondage with flogging and pegging. A super sexy read.