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House of Erotica have published my novella ‘Pandora’.

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Pandora’s life is about to change.  She lives in a dystopian future in a post war world, in which the UK is occupied by China, with her irritating electronic household management system, Nano Mk II, and has a boyfriend who is indifferent to her needs.  On top of that she is hearing groans and squeals in her head.

When she gets a medium, Vicky, to help find the source of these noises she makes an astonishing discovery.  The basement of her house was once the dungeon of a powerful dominatrix, Goddess Nemesis, who has now taken up her place in the spirit world.  Not only that, she is told she has inherited this dominant spirit.  Armed with this revelation she establishes herself as Goddess Pandora, dominatrix.

But things are about to get serious for her.  After a busy day tormenting some of her slaves she is taken away for interrogation by the secret police where she faces torture more severe than anything she has dished out to her slaves.  The distraught Vicky and Nano Mk II are left to come to her aid.  How will she stand up to the terrible ordeal she has to face?  Can her psychic and electronic friends make contact with her mentor and protector, Goddess Nemesis, to get her out of this awful predicament?

“.. Today I have something different for you.  Today, chance and fate will decide what your ordeal will be.  You know of the myth of Pandora.  In legend she was was the first woman created and she was granted all the attributes of the goddesses; beauty, grace, humour, intelligence, creativity, cunning, cruelty and sexuality.  She was granted the name Pandora, meaning all-gifted.  I am the heir to that goddess.   She was given a mysterious box and ordered to keep it closed.  In myth, the box contained all of the evils that existed in the world; poverty, pain, hunger and sickness, all in the form of winged creatures.  Her curiosity overcame her and Pandora opened the box, releasing all of these evils into the the world.  The box before you is Goddess Pandora’s box.  It contains not earthly woes and evils but the punishments and ordeals that you will release into the world of this dungeon, that you will have to face  in the course of your servitude to me.”


By Bettie Zyx on Sci-fi for Erotica Readers

I recommend as entertaining…for the adventurous from vanilla. Dystopian heroine of the future, spellbound by her home’s unique history, follows a previous owner’s profession and finds fulfillment in punishing the lousy boyfriend (and men in general–big surprise). Got a troublesome coworker that needs to be brought to heel? Here’s the vicarious read for you!

Favorite quote:
Pandora smiled. Fates, my arse, she thought to herself. Oh well, that’s one slave out of the way for a bit and just in time to prepare for my next appointmen