My short story ‘Los Conquistadores and the Goddess of Chocolate’ is in the More Smut for Chocoholics anthology edited by Tilly Hunter and Kevin Blisse.  The ‘Smutters’ anthologies are fun projects to be involved in. This one is a humorous story taking chocolate back to its origins and featuring two Spanish adventurers and  Ixcacao, the Aztec Goddess of Chocolate.

Yet more Tales of Sensual, Sinful Chocolaty Indulgence is the theme of this erotic anthology, edited by Tilly Hunter with assistance from Kev “Mitnik” Blisse.

More Smut for Chocoholics is all about over-indulgence, taking wicked delight in the erotic consumption and use of chocolate, with tales from some of erotica’s finest authors… Whatever your relationship with the seductive cocoa, there’s something nestling between the covers for you.

More Smut for Chocoholics contains tales from Tilly Hunter, Victoria Blisse, Aurelia T Evans, Lucy Felthouse, Ruby Madsen, Jacqueline Brocker, Vanessa de Sade, Wendi Zwaduk, Jillian Boyd, Nicole Gestalt, Slave Nano, Annabeth Leong and Anna Sky.



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Story blurb

Inspired by tales about the erotic and aphrodisiac qualities of the Aztec drink xocolatl made from the cocoa bean, Juan persuades his friend Alonso to desert from Cortez’s army of conquistadores  to seek out the legendary city of Tenochtitlan.  There they meet Ixquic, the high priestess of the cacao tree and her beautiful Aztec acolytes who serve Ixcacao the goddess of chocolate.  They partake of the drink xoxolatl and experience the erotic and sensual delights of the cacao bean.  But as Cortez’s army closes in on the Aztec city, is Juan and Alonso’s erotic paradise about to come to an end?


Story extract

Ixcacao, the Aztec Goddess of Chocolate

“I’ve explained.  We’re going to seek out the recipe for the drink known as xocolatl, made from a bean with magical properties.”

“We’ve traipsed leagues through these god-forsaken mountains for a fucking bean!”

“Don’t be so dumb Alonso.  Not just any old bean…the cacao bean.  You’ve heard the stories about old Geronimo de Aguilar.  Shipwrecked off the coast back in 1511, he lived with the Aztecs for eight years until an expedition of conquistadores found him wandering the hills and brought him back to Cortez.”

“Yes, but he was a deranged lunatic.”

Juan towered over his companion, lank matted blonde hair and a look of messianic fervour in his eyes, and set upon him with an impassioned plea.

“No, no.  I met him.  I heard him speak.  He wasn’t mad; he was a visionary.  He was touched by something in the Aztec city Alonso, I’m convinced of that.  He spoke of a magical orange pod; a bean that brings a pleasure so intense it could elevate you to a kind of heaven on earth.  He spoke of a drink made from this bean and blended with spices that had a taste so exquisite, so intense and brimming with pure sensual pleasure.  He said, forget the Holy Blessed Virgin.  He preached of their goddess of this xocolatl, who came down to him and gave him celestial visions of paradise.”

“Heavenly visions you say?  Don’t let the priest hear you say stuff like that or he’ll have you before the inquisition before you can say hail Mary.  I’ve had enough Juan.  It’s just a mad man’s dream.  If we go back to Cortez now at least we can say we never deserted, just got lost in the mountains.  Then we can rape and pillage, grab as much gold as we can get our hands on and go back to Spain like normal conquistadores.“

Alonso, on his feet now, gathered up his armour and was about to set off tracing his tracks back across the hills.

“Wait, wait,” called Juan, “There’s more.  He said this bean was the most powerful aphrodisiac he’d ever known.”

Alonso hesitated.

“He said this beverage re-invigorated his potency and gave him erections that never flagged.  This was a 67 year-old man Alonso, who had the vigour of an 18 year- old buck!  Imagine that.”

Alonso turned around.

“He said the chambers in the Aztec palace were filled with the most beautiful women he’d ever seen that they wandered around naked all the time and tended to his every need….every need Alonso!”

Alonso walked back towards his companion.

“Ha, yes, I’ve got your attention now.  I heard Geronimo describe this place as an erotic paradise fuelled by the potent properties of this cacao bean.”

“Well, that sounds quite interesting.  I suppose I could be persuaded to go on.”