LadySallyAutoHorse_CvrPDFMy second release for Forbidden Fiction is a bdsm steampunk story featuring my Edwardian dominatrix character, Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester. Lady Sally has already featured in two other published stories in anthologies: Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester and the Silk Merchant of Samarkand (Xcite Books, 2012) and Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester and the Walled Garden (Greenwoman Publishing, 2014)

Story Blurb

Edwardian gentlewoman and strict dominatrix, Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester, is angry when her horse is beaten by Lord Melchiot’s at York Races. Believing he’s cheated, and that he treats his horses cruelly, she plots an appropriate revenge on him, centered on a brass automaton horse built to provide Lady Sally with unique opportunities for some exquisite punishment.

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Story extract

“Look at this object,” she said with disdain as she manipulated his hardening cock with the crop. “So, does my presence arouse you, Lord Melchiot?”

“Yes, Lady Sally,” he replied, secretly relishing the humiliating treatment of his manhood.

She laughed. “Then it’s time for you to feast your eyes on my ravishing presence.”

He became a spectator as Lady Sally set about revealing herself in all he dominatrix glory. She removed her cameo brooch and started to undo the ivory buttons of her velvet dress. With the tantalising release of each button, she revealed a little bit more of her flesh, and the attire beneath the folds of thick velvet. First her elegant, milky neckline, then just the hint of the round curve of a breast with its exotic phoenix tattoo. Lord Melchiot looked on, mesmerised, unable to pull his eyes away from Lady’s Sally’s seductive display. The undoing of the next button revealed her naked breasts, the nipples covered by pasties with silk tassels hanging from them. Lord Melchiot gasped at the delicate beauty of the deliciously curved orbs revealed to him.

She flaunted her sexual power over him and he could only succumb to it as he gazed on in admiration at the voluptuous beauty. He felt his cock tighten as it reached a full erection.

Lady Sally smiled, “You men are so predictable. There isn’t one amongst the male species, from street urchin to lord of the realm, who would not be captivated by my ravishing display of dominant femininity.”

With the opening of the next few buttons, the dress parted to reveal the corsetry hidden beneath it. He admired the panels of black and purple silk strengthened by stays of whale bone that pulled her waist in and thrust her breasts upwards. She looked magnificent in her sumptuous and erotic corset.

Lady Sally ran her fingers tantalisingly over the material.

“I brought the silk back from a visit to Samarkand,” she explained, “and had my personal couturier make it up. It feels deliciously divine to wear and looks stunning, don’t you think?”

Seeing Lady Sally revealed in her corsetry, he gasped and felt his cock throb with sexual tension.

By now, Lady had undone the buttons, pulled the dress off and held it out expectantly for Victoria to collect. She stood there in knee high leather boots with silver buckles, the epitome of the strict dominatrix she was. Finally, she removed her fascinator, pulled out the hair pins and let her dark hair tumble over her alabaster shoulders and breasts. Now she was ready.

“on to the horse, now,” she ordered.


“I said now!”

Now the moment to mount the horse had arrived. Lord Melchiot felt any resistance to the formidable Lady Sally and her calmly authoritative voice, melt away. He wanted to surrender himself to her. And this feeling was deeper than any mere matter of honour at having lost the wager; he desired it. His need to submit to her was overwhelming.

He steeped onto the footstool Victoria had set down for him and heaved himself onto the back of the horse. The brass was smooth and cool against his skin, and surprisingly sensuous as he felt his hard cock press against the shiny metal. Lady Sally set to work with leather straps and buckles. His ankles were fastened to the back legs of the horse, his arms were hung over the horse’s neck, with their writs strapped together. Lady Sally produced more wide leather straps and pulled them around Lord Melchiot’s torso, fastening them onto the horse’s back. She stepped back, seeming to admire her handiwork. He could not move and could do no more than surrender himself to the bizarre game Lady Sally had set up and which he had knowingly walked into.