The most decadent city…

The most perverted mistress…

La Contessa by Slave Nano

carnivale maks


I’m pleased to announce I have found a publisher for La Contessa, my second full length erotic novel. The book has been accepted by the publishers  eXcessica.

I don’t have a publications date for it yet because I still have to do some formatting and final editing, and also I’m planning a photo shoot to provide a cover for the book and other promotional material.

Book synopsis

Renowned for her cruelty and the bizarre sexual tasks her household servants perform for her, La Contessa’s reputation as a dominatrix is well established. And eighteenth century Venice has degenerated into a decadent and lascivious city, the perfect backdrop for her debauched games. She sends her maid, Julia, into the alleyways of Venice to search for a suitable subject to act as her slave to satisfy her perverse pleasures.

She finds Roberto, a young man who has ended up prostituting himself in the least salubrious district of Venice and brings him back to La Contessa’s palazzo. But from their first meeting, when they make love on a gondola, there is a mutual attraction between Roberto and Julia.

Roberto enters into the service of La Contessa and is expected to serve her dutifully in her sexual games. His suitability is tested at a party where he provides the entertainment for her guests, he’s made to dress up as Venetian noblewoman and paraded through the lanes of Venice and he is the stake in a sadistic version of the card game faro. Meanwhile Roberto and Julia engineer a series of sexual encounters, knowing the risks they run if their mistress should find out.

Their situation is further complicated when La Contessa rescues Becky, a submissive girl, from the clutches of a Syrian merchant and brings her into the palazzo. The girl is subject to an initiation in a dungeon in one of Venice’s dilapidated canal-side warehouses. The interloper exposes Julia’s jealousies not only of her relationship with Roberto but also the feelings she has for her mistress

Meanwhile, La Contessa pursues her political ambitions at a meeting with a member of the Council of Ten (the secretive ruling elite of Venice) and subsequent ‘human’ puppet show.

The household retires to La Contessa’s country estate where Roberto and Becky provide the quarry for their mistress’s hunt. That night La Contessa exposes the relationship between Roberto and Julia. They are taken to the olive press where she proceeds to punish them for their deception. During this encounter La Contessa is forced to re-evaluate her attitude to her servants.

It is the Carnevale and La Contessa’s barge leads the regatta along the Grand Canal. The climax of Carnevale is a ball held in her palazzo, which degenerates into a masked BDSM orgy with Roberto, Becky and Julia as its centrepiece.