DivineDesire_CvrPDF_FIXDivine Desire: Erotic Stories of Sacred Sexuality is an anthology of stories on the theme of divinity edited by Lon Sarver and published by Forbidden Fiction

My story in the anthology is Maman Brigitte and was inspired by a Haitian voodoo goddess. It has also been published as a stand alone story by Forbidden Fiction and is now included in this anthology.

Released from the French navy, Gerard D’Estaing takes on one more job on the slave ship Le Saphir, captained by the cruel Captain Dugarry. His journey sucks him into the world of Maman Brigitte, a spiritual descendent of the Irish Pagan Goddess Bridgid, who acts as a mediator with the spirit world, where he is forced to make a fateful decision.

Anthology Blurb:

There’s a reason people often cry, “Oh, God,” in the throes of passion. God is the only concept big enough to hold all the pleasure they’re feeling; pleasure that is as close to beatific grace as any mortal comes. This collection explores the connection between sex and divinity, the mix of temporal and transcendent passions. These ten stories of erotic encounters with the divine invite the reader to witness mortals who crave an immortal touch, deities whose anger with one another is matched only by their lust for one another, and the fate of those tempted by gods of the grave. Rise beyond the limits of mere mortality, and partake of Divine Desire.

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Table of Contents:

Crossed Rose by D. M. Atkins – Davey makes a deal at the crossroads to win the woman of his dreams. It probably won’t cost him his soul.

Scylla’s Pool by Elly Green – Circe saved Glaucus’s life; now he has found his true love and seeks another favor. Circe won’t be jealous. Much.

Tomb Brides by Konrad Hartmann – Raising the dead is always risky business. Angrboda guards the Ironwood, and is not kind to intruders.

Hera’s Punishment by Natasha Neil – Zeus and Hera have a tempestuous marriage, with passions, trickery, and vengeance of the most fulfilling kind.

In the Death of Winter by Annabeth Leong – The god of winter is dead, but his last living priestess still claims the offerings made to him.

Gods Among Men by Jacqueline Brocker – A happy marriage is not enough to overcome a bond that has been reborn through the ages.

Consoling Psyche by James L. Wolf – When Leah fled to the top of a mountain path, the last thing she’d wanted or expected to find was a strange man offering her consolation.

Maman Brigitte by Slave Nano – Gerard, pilot of a slave ship to Haiti, is forced to choose between a life in ruins and eternal submission to a cruel goddess.

Fools Rush In by Elizabeth Schechter – When a thief decides to rob the temple of the god of thieves, he gets a few surprises along the way.

Hunting Artemis by Annabeth Leong – Theron has vowed to hunt the goddess Artemis. Nikia has vowed to serve Artemis… but she hunts Thero

Story extract

Maman Brigitte was wandering around the graveyard with a bowl sprinkling us all with some liquid, anointing us for a ceremony like a deranged priest. After completing this task, she spread her arms wide, pointed her staff to the sky, making some kind of invocation to the spirits of the dead.

“In this ceremony, the spirits will test the cleanliness of your soul,” Maman Brigitte proclaimed. I glanced across at Captain Dugarry; his eyes were glazed over; all attempt at resistance gone. I could tell he had already been subjected to some kind of torture. We had been tricked and trapped. The captain had made a one-sided pact with the Guede and now we were both consumed in their world, surrendered into the hands of Maman Brigitte.

She approached me, her staff in one hand and a candle in her other. She knelt over me, resting the staff on the ground. She held the candle close to my face. Her face was luminous in the gentle glow of the candlelight, and her emerald eyes fixed on me as if she was looking into me. With deft movements, she pulled the candle back and tipped a pool of molten wax onto my nipples. My body jerked in shock and pain and I let out a gasp.

“Your friend has already suffered for me, now it is your turn. Will you let the power of the spirit world into you? Does your soul need cleansing? Tell Maman Brigitte what darkness is there, and let her in.” My head was reeling with the heat of the fire water in my stomach, the pain of the hot wax, the sickening aroma of the incense that pervaded the whole cemetery, and Maman Brigitte’s dark skin illuminated by the candle light.

I knew I was at a crossroads. I knew enough from sailors’ tales and legends of the power of the Guede; that they were intermediaries between the real world and the spirit world. I believed that now. Old mad Pierre was right. But what would I choose? To stay in this world, or pass with Maman Brigitte into the spirit world.