Or to call it by it’s full title……

SmutSea3.2[1]A Study of the marine life of the inter-tidal rock pools on the coastal margins of the Flamborough Headland Special Area of Conservation

The coastal margin of Flamborough Head is a great place to explore intertidal marine life.  Peering into a rock pool will reveal a new and exciting world, full of weird and wonderful creatures…

This short story of mine is published in Smut by the Sea vol.3, an anthology of seaside related smutty tales. And yes, I was attempting to beat the record for the longest title for an erotic short story! But it is a relevant title because in the story the characters are based on the behaviour of species of marine life found in rock pools beneath the chalk cliffs at Flamborough Head on the east coast of England.

I did a reading from this story at the Smut by the Sea authors and readers event in June 2014 at Scarborough, which happens to be just up the coast from Flamborough Head. You can find read my account of the event written from the perspective of a marine biologist here.  The extract from the story below is what I read at this event.

More about Smut by the Sea vol.3.

Light hearted, sexy fun by the sea is the theme of this erotic anthology, edited by Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse. From exotic locales such as Croatia and Australia to the coastal caves of England, Smut by the Sea Volume 3 has it all. Whatever your interpretation of naughty seaside fun, there’s something nestling between the covers for you. Kinky role play, gorgeous artists, bobbing boats, sexy cougars, hunky hermits and more abound in this exciting collection of stories from erotica’s finest authors.

Smut by the Sea vol.3 contains stories by the following authors: Nelly Gee, Tilly Hunter, Jillian Boyd, A J Roman, Zak Jane Keir, Primula Bond, Sybil Rush, Dexelza Hart, Megan Morgan and the editors, Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse.

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Story Extract

P1030620The Beadlet Anemone (Actinia equine)

At low tide, the retreating water reveals rock covered in what looks like blobs of red jelly.  These are beadlet anemones, and once submerged they transform themselves into a beautiful looking sea creature.  Underwater the tentacles emerge, giving the impression of a flower but hiding a more sinister role.  The tentacles are used to capture prey such as prawns and small fish paralyzing them and drawing them back into the anemone’s mouth to be digested. 

Laura left her walking boots on the rocks with her socks tucked into them.  She shuffled out of her cut-off jeans and pulled her tea shirt over her head to reveal a bright red swimming costume.  It was her favourite one-piece swim suit, her Bay Watch costume as she had named it.  Ok, she might not be as well-endowed as Bay Watch babe but she knew how it showed off her figure to its best, clinging tightly to her body and enhancing her breasts.  She could certainly see the effect it had on Josh.  He looked on open-mouthed as Laura’s cleavage heaved under his nose.  That was just the impact she intended.

She perched on the edge of the rocks where a shelf receded deep under the water and plunged in.  The cold sea enveloped her but after a few brisk strokes of crawl she got used to it.  She took a deep breath and dived under the water.  Josh was watching this display as he dumped his ruck-sack and stripped off down to his boxer shorts before diving in to join her.  He watched mesmerised as just beneath the surface of the water her long chestnut brown hair floated around her in wavy tendrils.  He admired her sleek body as it glided under the water and the bright crimson swimming costume as it clung to her shapely body.  He followed her and plunged into the chilly water.

He swam towards her and they found a spot where they could stand in their depth on part of the chalk reef. Laura admired Josh’s smooth hairless chest. They stood facing one another, Laura’s hair clinging to her face and shoulders in damp sleek tentacles.  The tension between them was expectant.

“That was exhilarating,” smiled Josh.

“Certainly was,” she laughed.

10466721_542376539200667_555100024_nLaura resolved to take the initiative.  This chance encounter had both aroused and emboldened her. Her instincts told her the moment was right as she felt some of her old confidence in her own sexuality surge back. She’d show those drunken prawns how she could get herself laid.

She reached her arms out and wrapped them around his neck, pulling his face towards hers until their lips touched.  She sensed Josh’s surprise at her boldness. Though aware of the sexual tension building up between them Josh wasn’t expecting that. Taking Laura’s lead he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.  They kissed passionately. Their tongues exploring each other as the waves lapped gently around them.

Strands of Laura’s wet hair tangled around his face and clung to him as if they were pulling him closer to her. When their lips finally parted Josh was paralysed into silence. It felt like he’d been stung and injected with some strange poison that awakened his desires. He felt captivated by this mysterious girl in the red swim suit who had such a passion for rock pools…and passion for sex.

“I’ll race you to the cove,” called Laura as she launched into the sea again, swimming at pace with her powerful crawl.  Josh followed after her.



Review by Ashley Lister

There’s a song that goes, “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, Oh I do like to be beside the sea…” It’s a tune I’m familiar with because I live in Blackpool and the song is practically the town’s anthem.

I mention this because, in Smut by the Sea, Volume #3, Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse have managed to gather a collection of stories that combine the saucy fun of being by the seaside with the powerful impact of well-written erotic fiction.

With contributions from established and celebrated writers such as Tilly Hunter, Zak Jane Keir and Primula Bond, as well as the editors and too many other contributors to name individually, the content varies from the serious to the frivolous: never losing focus on the importance of the smutty content.

One of the first stories I read here was ‘Artistic License’ from Jillian Boyd. I’m not familiar with Jillian Boyd’s work so it was a true pleasure discovering her fun approach to storytelling as she relates the tale of Leah, alone on holiday following a break up.

Boyd’s writing is accessible and fluid in the way she relates a story. Her characters are credible and the erotic content is powerful and vivid.

The same can be said for all the fiction in this collection. It’s a book that is entertaining from beginning to end and delivers exactly what it promises in the title. If you do like to be beside the seaside, you’ll love reading Smut by the Sea, Vol #3.

5 stars

Review by debi3303

OMG this dynamic duo did it again! There are some seriously hot stories in this book…
There are 12 different authors in this anthology. Some of them are back from Smut by the Sea Vol 2 and they didn’t disappoint in this one either. One thing that I thought was better in this one is that there were some threesomes. I do love a saucy threesome. I am kinda hoping that there will be another Smut by the Sea coming out soon. Another thing about anthologies is that I get to read new authors stories. I probably would have never heard of them if it weren’t for these kinds of books. Thank you Victoria and Lucy for bringing a few new writers to my attention.

Review by S J Foulkes

A collection of fun, light hearted, erotic stories with seaside settings that take you from a typical English seaside resort (although I must say nothing like that ever happened to me in Scarborough!)to Australia by way of Croatia.

The stories have the themes of chance encounters and the frisson that comes from possible discovery but they are in very different settings, including a historical romp in a bathing machine.

I’m hard pressed to choose a favourite story as they are very well written and I enjoyed them all…unusual in an anthology, for me at least.

Review by Pansy Petal on The Jeep Diva website

What a lovely collection of short stories!  And I do mean short – each between 10 and 20 pages, a couple are less than 10.  But very satisfying.  In her introduction, Victoria Blisse describes Smut By the Sea, “It’s the romantic getaways, naughty weekends and those stolen moments of pleasure along the promenade. It is a lovely collection of little mini vacations.

Oh Buoy by Victoria Bliss – A sweet little short story of an author doing “research” on the sea.  Oh those lucky authors and their “research!”

Caving In by Demelza Hart – Lifeguard seduces a lonely, very hurt divorcee.  Such clichés, but they all worked.  I couldn’t help but grin gleefully while I read this.

Artistic License by Jillian Boyd – A jilted lover on a romantic retreat alone meets an amazing artist.  *sigh*  “I get the best out of my subjects, all the time, any time.”  Yes please!

A Hint of Piracy by Tilly Hunter – A young couple on a working trip to the sea come clean to each about roll play and power exchange.  *fanning self*

That Summer’s Song by Zak Jane Keir – A song on the radio brings back fond memories of a summer interlude.  Domme anyone?

What the Doctor Ordered by Megan Morgan – A divorcee finds a new start on the shore, cougar style.  *sigh*

The Bathing Machine by Nelly Gee – The joys of sea bathing in 1860 when women were not to be seen less than fully clothed in public.  How fun.

Rock Out by A.J. Roman – A high school reunion reunites a pair of classmates at a popular make out place on the beach.  Going to the beach was never so fun!

On the Beach by Primula Bond – A cougar goes wild on the beach with a couple of surfers.  Hmmm, those nasty cougars.

A Study of the Marine Life of the inter-tidal rock pools on the coastal margins of the Flamborough Headland Special Area of Conservation by Slave Nano – Designated driver for a “hen party” decides to explore the rock pools instead and makes an amazing catch.

Uncharted Waters by Sybil Rush – A couple who have just moved close to the beach in Australia give refuge to a newly divorce friend from America.

Hermit by Lucy Felthouse – A blogger interviews a “hermit.”  What an interview!

I suggest reading one story at night before bed.  It will prepare you for happy, or maybe hot, dreams

4 stars, 4 stars heat

Review on Manic Readers web site

‘Smut by the Sea’ is a bunch of stories by various authors, all with some kind of connection to the ocean. I loved all the stories, but felt any or all of them could have been made into full-length novelettes or even novels. In fact, in most of them, I didn’t want them to end, and wanted to find out the rest of the story.

Each is a delicious little tidbit, with varying locales, time periods and themes, but I’m sure you’ll love them all as I did; if they inspire you to read others by these authors, then their job, and mine, will be a success.

4.5 stars