Spread-eagled nervous expectation
Heart racing fear of the unknown
Anticipating the glow of your presence
Willingly surrendering to your desires

Stretched agony racked body
Straining against muscle spasm pain
Mind floating in euphoric pleasure
Only desiring to suffer for you

Reduced by taunted humiliation
To nothingness before your dominance
Respected for the place you have granted
In your welcoming dungeon domain

Body surrendered into your control
Restrained in tight bondage
Mind liberated from clutter
Given up to unfettered devotion

Limits pushed into edgy darkness
Hanging dangerously on a precipice
Cocoon safe in your skilled embrace
Trusting to your judgement

Stripped bare exposed
By cruel reprimand
Kind words shared warm hug
Overwhelmed by your loveliness

I kneel before you
Balanced between extremities
Head spinning
In glorious servitude