Extract from The Chronicles of Slave Nano: The Proclamation of Goddess Freyja and the Mission to the Norse-lands to seek out the golden apple of immortality

“Slave Nano, today there will be a visitor to my dungeon.”

Goddess Nemesis had expressed her satisfaction on the completion of my mission and had conveyed the gratitude of Goddess Eostra to me for my part in restoring her talismans, the nine mystical white hares, the nine white swans and the nine handmaidens to her.  I had even been presented with a token of thanks from her, a pressed buttercup, which I had carefully picked up from the dungeon floor to keep safely as an object that I would forever treasure as a symbol of gratitude from the world of Goddesses for completing the mission that had been set for me.  I knew from experience of my servitude to Goddess Nemesis that I should avoid false pride but it is hard for a slave not to feel some glow of satisfaction when his mistress expresses gratitude for a completed task. 

However, her words had brought me back down to earth.  They presaged the hint of some new challenge.  I speculated what form that might be.  I anticipated that she might have invited another slave to her dungeon that day.  It would not be unusual for Goddess to have me assist her in the torment of another of her slave’s or have me service a slave in some way to amuse her.

I had already been blindfolded and secured to the end of the rack in her dungeon, on my knees my arms stretched out and my wrists locked to the end of her rack, my ankles chained together. 

“Slave Nano, will you be able to hold that position for a little while, whilst I go to greet my visitor?”

It would be strenuous but I knew that this was a position I knew I must endure.

“Yes, Goddess,” I said.

I heard Goddess Nemesis’s footsteps withdraw from her dungeon leaving me alone. The symbols of my servitude to Her weighed heavily on me, the nipple clamps with the ‘N’ attached to them and the clamp around my balls and the heavy ‘N’ shaped weight pulling on them.  I was left to contemplate what fate Goddess had planned for me today.

It was some time later, many minutes after the eerie dungeon music that had been playing switched off, that I heard movement in Goddess’s dungeon.  My heart raced with anticipation, fear and longing.  The identity of Goddess’s visitor would soon be revealed to me.

I was conscious of a powerful presence in the dungeon.  Then, as if by some conjuror’s trick, I felt the blindfold start to lift up from my eyes.  When she had blindfolded me Goddess Nemesis had cunningly fastened a long cord to its front and draped it over a hook on the beam.  As the cord was lifted from my eyes all became revealed to me as I looked upon a female figure illuminated by the glow of a red spotlight that lit up the dungeon gloom.  From across the dungeon I faced a Goddess silhouetted in the aura of a mystical red light in all her awesome beauty and power.  As I knelt before her in supplication awaiting whatever fate would befall me the full meaning of Goddess Nemesis’s words struck me as the identity of the guest to her dungeon was revealed to me. 

I was confronted by an angry and icy stare looking at me through a face framed by long golden tresses.  Around her shoulders was a cape of silver grey fur over a short dress of glittering gold material.  Around her neck was a golden necklace set with red stones, which glittered in the dungeon spotlight that illuminated her presence.  On her head she wore a circlet of gold from which hung a gauze veil.  Her long legs were encased from the knee down in silver fox fur matching her cape and crossed with bands of gold cloth like a female Viking warrior and silver fox fur gloves completed her wondrous apparel.  In her hand she held a scroll of parchment as she stood majestically waiting to pass Her judgement.

The impact of this magnificent figure was overpowering as she stood before me a stunning vision in gold and fur. 

There was no doubt in my mind that this was Goddess Freyja herself.  I recognised the necklace as the Brisangamen from Hrothgar’s description of it.  The skill of the craftsmanship of the dwarves that fashioned it was remarkable and it was every bit as magnificent of my imagining of it from the description I had been given.  She was every bit as beautiful and powerful as Hrothgar had described her.  Seeing this Norse Goddess in the flesh I could well understand Hrothgar’s devotion to her. She had come from the frozen lands of the north, had stepped out of the realms of Norse mythology to be in Goddess Nemesis’s dungeon.  I was fearful, and with just reason.  It could only mean one thing; that I was about to face a moment of reckoning and judgement. 

Her voice, icy and seething with anger, carried across Goddess’s dungeon.

Hearken to the Proclamation of Goddess Freyja.  The One who is named Slave Nano, I bring you to account for the passing of My ‘Hero’ warrior Hrothgar.

You marvellously helped and accomplished the rescue and restoration of Goddess Eostra’s acolytes, sacred swans and hares.  All this was a great and wondrous achievement considering the overwhelming odds against the success of this mission.  But, Nano, slave of the Goddess Nemesis, how miserably and despicably you have failed a fellow slave, a brother in servitude, a “bonded by adversity” companion who I am positive would have lay down his life rather than shine with tarnished glory like yours.  Yes, Hrothgar would rather have perished than leave a spiritual kinsman to his fate, his honour as a warrior would have been diminished, his self worth shrivelled if such an act of cowardice had been his.  What have you to say?  Do you understand of what I bring before you?

My fate had been cast.  My head dropped to my chest with despondency as I was confronted with the full weight of the reckoning that I faced.

“Yes, Goddess Freyja, I fully comprehend the charges that are being made against me,” I replied.

Yes, Hrothgar bade you leave him, bade you save the Goddess Eostra’s talismans and handmaidens.  But, Nano, all you saw was what was before your eyes, you did not interpret the portends, the implications of the battle scene.  My warrior Hrothgar, my sacred white wolf Algiz, whose name means protection, they needed your intervention not your escape.  They needed the intuition, the fortitude of mind, the stillness of thought that your Goddess, the Goddess Nemesis, has always tried to instil into you.  You have been trained in these ideals.  You have not been trained to battle, you have not been taught that fight and resistance is the way to win and conquer, have you?

Nano, you witnessed my brave Hero Hrothgar battling the wolves, you marvelled at his prowess with ‘serpent breath’, his mystical sword, his sword Nano, forged by the Norse earth dwarves, the same four dwarves who created my wonderful golden necklace, the Brisingemen.  You stood and watched my faithful companion Algiz, the loyal white wolf, protect and fight alongside my chosen Hero, and still you failed to receive any meaning behind these portends?  Why would a Goddess send one of her talismans if she knew that it would be in vain?  Why would I have given you and Hrothgar the protection of Algiz to squander?  Algiz is the embodiment of the runic stone symbolising protection.  In our Norse mythology Algiz serves as a mirror for the spiritual warrior, this is why I sent her Nano. 

And you, you had in your possession a fragment of the mirror, yes a small piece of the magical reflecting glass from which the Mirror of Time was created.  Yet you wasted its powers, you squandered its uses, you minimised its potency.  Nano, ultimately by your action of throwing this mystical fragment, the whole mission has been nullified.

Shall I tell you a little of what was ordained to happen Nano?  A little of why Hrothgar was chosen as my champion to accomplish this mission with you?  Nano, as you know the Rune Stones are a sacred and powerful tool in my world, their names and attributes are spiritual, mystical but also of a human character.  Hrothgar at his naming ceremony was given the name Tiw, ‘The Warrior’, this is the rune of the spiritual warrior but the battle of a spiritual warrior is also a battle with the self. With this runic symbol, Nano, comes the knowledge that the universe always has the first move, that patience is a virtue, to look inward and conquer, but in compassion and total trust.  Also, the warrior rune denotes perseverance, courage and determination.  Now Nano, Hrothgar was not short of any of these warrior attributes, except patience.  His way was never to wait but to action, to battle, to delve with sword. Even in his rutting with the wenches in my hall, his ardour was always fevered. 

I chose to send him, Nano, as your companion when your Goddess appealed for aid so that some of your Goddess’s wisdom and spiritual sustenance may transmit from Her through you and into him.  You, I am sure, could have taught him the virtue of patience Nano.  But, now the wolves have demolished him.  Your Goddess’s training of you has partly been in vain; you failed to look inward, you, in fact, acted as rashly and unpremeditated as Hrothgar when he was an acolyte warrior.  Nano, if only you had used the fragment of mirror wisely. 

You must have seen the amulet around Algiz’s neck depicting the runic symbol of protection?  As a true slave, aren’t you supposed to know and memorise the symbols and talismans of All Goddesses.  You should have known by her presence at the battle of her importance to myself and Hrothgar.  She serves as a mirror for the Spiritual Warrior, Nano, and as such, if only you had reflected her image with the mystical mirror fragment onto Hrothgar he would have been magnified, over and over again, for as long as you shone her image on Hrothgar.  Many, many Hrothgars, brave warriors all, could have fought and defeated the ravaging pack of howling, perverted wolves belonging to the Baron von Hellzencoq. 

But no, you threw it, but to what avail?  For now the evil Baron and his bi-sexual wife are in possession of this piece of mirror, they found it after you fled, and have now released the Wizard Hammah from his elongated fucking session with the clone girl, and they are once again strong and undefeated.  The Goddess Eostra has her powers returned to Her, yes, which is thanks to you and Hrothgar’s mission to restore her handmaidens and sacred talismans, but the perversions in her magical castle of Everstein go on, her lands are being sullied and desecrated still, and the debauchery is even worse than before, as their adult sexual theme park is almost ready to be opened.  But, Nano, the restoration of all this must be left in all the Goddess’s hands for now.  As a sisterhood, we must decide the best course of action before we act against them once more.

Now, I, The Goddess Freyja, will tell you why I asked your Goddess if I could confront you today. 

Nano, Slave of Goddess Nemesis, I, Goddess Freyja am displeased and angry with you, the collared slave property of a sister Goddess.  I have come here to Goddess Nemesis’s dungeon domain to enact vengeance upon you. To punish you and make you suffer, as Hrothgar suffered, through your thoughtless actions.

For Slave Nano, Hrothgar still suffers.  Yes Nano, even though Hrothgar my chosen Hero is now residing is Asgard, in my Hall of Volksvang, he is unhappy.  He is languishing.  Hrothgar is spending his days and nights in the home of the Aesir Goddesses and Gods.  Yes, he serves me, he feasts, drinks and ruts his way through the many halls of Asgard, singing songs, swapping riddles and reciting sagas with all his fallen warrior comrades.  But still he is unhappy Nano.  He pleases me, his long golden hair and battle toughened muscles glow in the shine of my lamps and gold framed mirror and his deep voice tells me of his adoration, joyousness and reverence when I call him to my sacred ocelot-skinned bed, but I know he pines.  I. the Goddess Freyja, the Norse Goddess of War, the Goddess of the living and the dead, I know he aches for his days as a fighting warrior.  He needs to feel the thrusting of ‘serpent breath’ his death bringing sword, not just the thrusting of devotion of his Goddess.

I sense his dreams are filled with the cries of battle and glory, of defeating the foes and enemies of his Goddess.  He longs to stride out again, wearing the winged helmet and bearing the raven symbol of his Goddess.  But, you Nano, have doomed him to a life of pleasure, and he wasn’t ready, Nano, he doesn’t have the patience to be content with the Nirvana he finds himself residing in.  He longs to serve me again, as a Warrior Hero, not just as a devotional stallion.  Do you see, Nano?  And there is a way; there is one way to return him to his status.  There is a chance for you to repair and atone for the damage done to my cocksure heroic champion.  But that way is dangerous.  To do this service for Hrothgar will require bravery to match his.  It will require the cunning and strategy and stillness of thought that your Goddess has trained you in.  Are you willing slave Nano, slave of the Goddess Nemesis, to maybe even sacrifice yourself to release Hrothgar your friend from his fate?

Well, the way is this; Nano, I must tell you a little of the way of life in the Norse Goddess’s lands.  It is a life full of portends and mystery, of ancient landscapes and powerful forces.  Not all our Goddesses are benevolent; some are vengeful.  Not all our warriors are honourable; some are savage and undisciplined such is the way of the Norse.  We also have Gods, who apart from the all powerful Odin are inferior in supremacy to the Godesses.  Some are resentful of this; one such God is Loki, the trickster God.  Of him you must beware. 

To demonstrate Nano I shall tell you of one of his terrible deeds.  In the Norse lands there is no number so unlucky as thirteen.  Once in Valhalla, there was a feast for twelve Gods but Loki went uninvited and he played an evil game.  Baldur was a favourite of Odin; he was good, but he had a weakness, yes a fatal weakness, he could be killed by mistletoe.  Loki knew this but he tricked Baldur’s brother Hod, who was blind, to throw a sprig of mistletoe at his brother.  This Hod did, believing it to be a lucky sprig of rowan berries.  Baldur died and Loki laughed and ever since then thirteen is a terribly unlucky number.

Now Slave Nano, it is possible to undo Hrothgar’s fate and as you are the sole reason he resides in Asgard, you must be the only one to be sent to help him, as we Norse say, “Destiny is All.”  You must travel far.  Far you must journey to the lands of the deepest north, to the hidden ravines and glacial mountains of the frozen forests of the far end of the earth itself.  There Nano you must search for Yggdrasil, the World Tree.  As you must know, Yggdrasil is the tree of life and is a huge sacred ash tree; the ash is a very auspicious and empowering tree.  There are many ash trees in my lands Nano, but only one Yggdrasil.  Beneath its spreading branches and ancient trunk, there, entangled within its roots is the eveil serpent Nauthiz, whose runic symbol    denotes pain and constraint.. Nauthiz dwells unseen and undetected in the earth guarding and supporting Yggdrasil; but it has another function, Nano.  This serpent also guards fate, for in an ancient cave, set within the earth’s deepest recesses next to the roots of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, there lives The Goddess Erda.  Deep in her mystical cave Goddess Erda feeds the world’s spirit from her sacred fountain; the magical waters of which nurture and create wisdom in anyone who drinks a drop of its wondrous crystal clearness.

The Goddess Erda is one of the Sister Goddesses of Fate, The Three Norns, associated with past, present and future.  The Goddess Erda is the eldest; she is charged with powers to bend fate.  The sisters sit and spin the destiny and doom of all Norse and it is to Erda’s cave you must go Nano.  Goddess Erda is willing to help Hrothgar; she has the power within her to unravel the strands of his weave of life and re-spin them, but to do this she needs an amulet, a lock of hair or some other personal possession of Hrothgar’s to enable her to bend his fate, to open the door of Asgard for one moment to allow his re-entry into my war hall.  But, Nauthiz guards the cave well; it is not in his interest to undo anyone’s destiny.  He is a jealous and vengeful creature and it will take all your fortitude to outwit him.  He comes from his subterranean lair once a day, at mid-day and again during the hours of darkness to feed and prowl his domain, slithering silently through villages and homesteads in search of prey.  The only facts I can tell you Nano to help your mission is a serpent will not, and dare not, touch the shadow of an ash tree; thus is his habit of emerging at noon and the dark hours.  He lives beneath it but fears it’s shadow, such is the sacredness of the ash tree.

In our mythology we use the earth itself and all things of nature as oracles and guidance.  The sky, the ocean, the wind all have messages for eyes that see and ears that hear.

Slave Nano, although you are not a Norse man, you of all Goddess’s slaves will hear and act in accordance to your training this time.  The serpent Nauthiz is very fond of sagas.  Perhaps he hasn’t heard a saga heralding my chosen Hero Hrothgar’s bravery in the battle against perversion and depravity.  It may lull him and disarm him against you.  Are you able to mimic a skald, a travelling teller of tales?  It may entertain Nauthiz, hearing of Hrothgar’s deeds.

The only help and talisman I can offer you is Hrothgar’s horse, Flame-Stepper.  Hrothgar’s black stallion will meet with you. Do not make yourself known to him; he will be there, you will observe him, but do not acknowledge him.  When the time is right Flame-Stepper will come to your aid.

It is time for you to leave Goddess Nemesis’s domain now to go to my lands.  You must wear the protective garments to help you pass the many perils of the dark uncharted forests of the North.  You will be as a shadow-walker, a sceadugengan, unnoticed, unchallenged, unless you fall into the hands of the wild-haired trolls who inhabit the ravines and valley passes.  The trolls would take you and use you as a slave, but unmercifully.  There is also the cave dwarves who go about their business of gold-digging morning till night-fall and who, if they saw you, would think you had come to steal their secrets and treasures.  They have caves, deep in the earth’s bowels, where they torment and torture prisoners, so be on your guard Nano.  They revere the God Loki and hold no devotion for any Goddess.  They serve only Loki and their lust for gold.  The cave dwarves who belong to the Ica tribe have the ice symbol as their rune.  Ignore its message at your peril Nano.  As a sceadugengan you may pass undetected as they will not be above ground during the shadow-time.

If you succeed to Goddess Erda’s cave and present her with Hrothgar’s amulet the Goddess will have to work her mystical powers on them.  Do not be alarmed Nano, by an act you witness; we Norse Goddess’s have entirely different means of invoking our wishes and demands to any you have seen before.

Goddess Erda will, if all goes well, present you with a sacred apple.  This must be transported to Hrothgar in my Hall of Volksvang in Asgard for him to eat.  This sacred apple will have been grown by the Goddess Iduna.  It is a Golden Apple of Immortality and is associated with resurrection and eternal youth.  By eating the Golden Apple of Goddess Iduna, along with the potent magic of Goddess Erda, my chosen champion will be restored to his past, his doom undone, his fate unspun.

This is your chance to show your Goddess, Goddess Nemesis, that her slave, Slave Nano, has all the right attributes to send on further missions.  Maybe, just for once, you Nano, can be a slave to be proud of, just as Hrothgar is my Warrior Hero, chosen Champion of The Goddess Freyja.

Goddess Freyja had finished her proclamation. 

Her judgement on me was fair and just.  Once again I had misread the symbols and talismans that had been offered to me by the Goddesses to guide me towards a successful mission.  I knew that Hrothgar had talked openly of a welcoming a hero’s death so that he could ascend to Asgard and take his place in Goddess Freyja’s Hall.  I knew that at the crucial and fatal point of the battle with Baron von Hellcencoq’s men and wolves he had called out insisting that I depart with Goddess Eostra’s talismans.  All of this was to be expected from Goddess Freyja’s warrior servant, who had been trained in the selfless and loyal defence of Her cause.

I realised now that it was my place to show him another path, that there was an alternative to a glorious death, and that I had failed him miserably.   I understood now that the tools were all available to me for Hrothgar to be victorious in battle and yet still escape with his life.  I felt despondency in my failures; yet again my perception and judgement had failed me at a critical moment.  And I was saddened.  What Goddess Freya had said was true we were companions “bonded in adversity” and in the intensity of capture and conflict a mutual respect had grown between us.  Yet now, I felt as though I had betrayed him.

Goddess Freyja’s eyes flashed with war-like anger, her presence towered over me fair and cruel, her voice rang out again.

“Slave Nano, do you accept the mission that is laid before you?”

“Yes, Goddess Freyja.  I acknowledge my failures and your judgement on me is just.  I would do anything that I could to atone for my errors.  In adversity we had grown into close companions and I was genuinely saddened by his passing.  My only consolation was that he had died a hero’s death and passed onto the hall of warrior’s where he wanted his resting place to be, but I can see now that this has proved to be an illusion and that he was not ready to take his place in thelandofAsgard.  Goddess Freyja, I would do whatever is necessary to bring Hrothgar back to the place he belongs, as your champion.”

“I realise that you are genuinely saddened by Hrothgar’s plight, but that is not enough, you need to make recompense to me, Goddess Freyja, for you failings.  The icy lands of the Norse kingdoms are full of perils Slave Nano.  I have described some of them to you.  This task will not be easy.”

“Yes, Goddess Freyja I recognise that but it is my duty to complete this task just as I know Hrothgar would have done this for me if our places were reversed.”

“Good, Slave Nano, then you must prepare yourself for your journey.  You must enter the Norse kingdoms as one of the sceadugengan, a shadow walker, disguised as a beast so that you can pass through the nine Norse worlds undetected and with your true task hidden.  I have prepared the attire for your mission.”

Goddess Freyja unchained me from Goddess Nemesis’s rack and gestured for me to remove the symbols of servitude on my person.  She passed me a black one piece body suit, which I put on. Then, she offered me a hood in the shape of a wolf’s head.  I pulled the wolf hood over my head and Goddess Freyja led me to a mirror where I could see my transformation.

“You will take the form of a wolf in my land.  You will be the wolf-man, shadow walker.  This will help you to blend into the Norse world so that your true purpose can be disguised.”

She fixed me with a haughty and frosty look.

“Slave Nano, you realise that there can be no escape from my retribution, that before you leave on your mission to atone for your errors you must face the wrath of Goddess Freyja. You must submit to the punishment that I will inflict in recompense for the loss of one of my most faithful warriors.”

“Yes Goddess Freyja, I realise I must be punished.”

“Yes, and the punishment will be severe.”

“I understand Goddess Freyja.  I would not expect anything else from you.”

She ordered me onto Goddess Nemesis’s whipping bench.  I felt the fur of her cloak against me as she leant across to tighten the leather straps around my body.  She pulled out the mirror at the end of Goddess Nemesis’s bench so that I was forced to stare back at the wolf-like visage I had been transformed into and reflect on my failings.  Goddess Freyja’s voice was full of anger.

“Slave Nano, the punishment I have devised for you is apt.  You will be forced to feel the razor sharp teeth of the wolves just as Hrothgar felt them when they brought him to his doom.”

I gasped as I felt sharp metal prongs dig into me and being run across my back.  I guessed that it must be Goddess Nemesis’s pin wheel.

“Do you feel them,” she whispered angrily in my ear.

“Yes, Goddess Freyja,” I muttered as the sharp pricks dug deeper into my flesh.

“Imagine what Hrothgar must have felt as the wolves’ teeth sank into him.  It’s painful isn’t it?  But then you must suffer the same pain for me before I release you into the frozen wastes of the Norse lands.”

“Yes, Goddess Freyja,” I gasped.

Whilst I lay strapped down on my front, my back-side exposed to her, Goddess Freyja continued my torment by pushing a thick dildo into my arse.  Then I felt another, even sharper, pain as goddess Freyja attached a severe metal clamp onto my balls.  I couldn’t see the implement she was using from the position I was strapped into but it nipped sharply into the sensitive skin of my testicles.  My whole body strained against the straps with the pain.  It took an enormous effort of will not to scream out in pain.  I knew that I was not as brave as Hrothgar and that he must have suffered far more extreme pain from the razor like teeth and claws of the wolves and the swords and axes of Baron von Hellcencoq’s men during the battle before his fall.  This made it even more important for me to endure goddess Freyja’s punishment without betraying my lack of bravery knowing that Hrothgar must have endured much more.

I was just starting to adjust to the pain from the clamp when Goddess Freyja added another.  I gasped as she removed one clamp and then moved it into a new position. I breathed heavily into the wolf’s head mask.

“Take your punishment Slave Nano.  You are experiencing only a fraction of the pain that my champion endured when the wolves brought him down.”

“Yes Goddess Freyja,” I gasped. “I know I must suffer.  I need to suffer for you Goddess Freyja to atone for my failings.  Please make me suffer for you,” I pleaded.

A clamp was squeezed open, released and moved into another position.  By now I could hardly tell which was more painful, the release of the clamp as the blood came rushing back to the sensitive nerve endings in my balls or the claw like pinching sensation as the clamp dug into a new piece of flesh.  Goddess Freyja started to push the dildo further into me.  It penetrated deeply and I could feel the sensation of the walls of my back passage extending to take it.  She pushed it in and out.  Then she added yet another clamp to my balls and adjusted the positions of the other two.  My head was reeling and I could do nothing to anticipate where the next pain was coming from or brace myself for it.  How long could I endure this torment?  I knew the answer to that; until goddess Freyja decided I had suffered enough to satisfy her and warrant letting me go and I knew that she was as severe and demanding Goddess as my own Goddess Nemesis.

Luckily for me she had decided that a just punishment had been extracted and she released me, untying the leather straps that had kept me bound onto the bench.  I lifted my body heavily and wearily from the bench and got onto my feet, dazed and unsteady, my head still whirling with pain.

Her fierce blue eyes framed by the long golden tresses stared into my wolf’s eyes.

“Slave Nano, before you depart, there is one thing I need to do.  In order to create the golden apple of immortality that will un-spin the thread of Hrothgar’s fate Goddess Erda will need a possession of his to weave her magic.  Here, you must take this.”

Goddess Freyja handed me a piece of black jet on a purple cord that was etched with a rune.

“This was Hrothgar’s.  Keep it safe, you will need it at the very end of your quest to offer to Goddess Erda.  Now, Slave Nano, you must go.  Do you understand your mission?  Is there anything you wish to say to me before you depart for the icy wastes of my Nordic kingdom.”

“Goddess Freyja, your punishment of me has been fair and just.  Hrothgar grew to be a true friend and companion to me.  I was saddened by his fate and at the time genuinely believed it was the noble end that he embraced.  But Goddess Freyja has made me see my errors and understand that his fate should have been different if it were not for my decisions.  I understand my responsibility and would do anything for you in my power to restore your champion.”

“Yes Slave Nano, I believe you, which is why I am giving you a chance to atone for your errors,” her voice had almost softened a little before returning to its icy hardness.  “But your path is laid out for you and you will need all your intuition and courage to complete the task I have set.  As for failure – well, Slave Nano, you should not countenance it because, as you have seen, my wrath will have no bounds then.”

This was Goddess Freyja’s parting comment before I set off on my way, a shadowy black figure in a wolf’s head.  I caught one more glance at Goddess Freyja before I left and was awed by her war-like beauty.  She stood her legs apart, her feet and ankles in fur boots wrapped in gold.  The flesh of her powerful thighs below her glittering golden dress and the fur cloak wrapped around her. She was an imposing figure.  Seeing her in the flesh I could well understand Hrothgar’s devotion to her.