This is where I offer up unpublished work as free reads so you can get a taster for my writing.


Extract from ‘The Chronicles of Slave Nano’

This is an extract from a much longer cycle of stories.  It consists of the proclamation of Goddess Freyja in which she sets out the mission of Slave Nano to seek out the golden apple of immortality to bring her hero/lover, Hrothgar, back to life.  So there’s some bdsm mixed up with Norse mythology.  The proclamation of Goddess Freyja was written by Mistress Nemesis and the intro and punishment scene by me, so it is a piece of collaborative writing.  I’ve written a blog about how this type of collaboration works.







Kali 1BDSM Rituals: A description of a rite of passage into servitude

This is an essay describing a series of rituals a submissive or slave passes through to reach a state of complete servitude and transcendence.  It originated in a post I made to the thread in the BDSM bulletin board of the Literotica web site containing erotic stories on Femdom, Tantra Ritual and Kali some years ago (  This thread started with an invitation to discuss an article entitled ‘Iconography of Tantra and Rites of Male Submission’ for which a link had been posted.  This article explores the use of rituals in BDSM using the figures of the Hindu Goddess Kali/Shakti and her male consort Shiva as exemplars.  During the course of the discussion on the board the question was posed as to whether it was possible to devise a set of rituals for Kali/Shiva, which I attempted to do.  The essay  describes the different stages of submission that Shiva might proceed through to attain a state of complete servitude to Kali.