I’ve just come back from The Wilderness Festival held at Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire and what an amazing event it was. There was a cornucopia of amazing things you could do. I only touched the surface and there was so much more I’d love to have done but a weekend was never gonna be enough! Here’s a taster of the things I got up to at Wilderness.

This is the inside of the Forum tent where they held literary events and discussions. I love they way this marquee was decorated with flying books!


I went swimming in the beautiful Lake.


Look, that’s me, just to prove I really did!


The headline act on main stage was Bjork – she was sensations. She dressed as some kind of weird insect.


And she set the stage alight! You could feel the heat from those fireballs in the audience. There were fireworks too.


There was this crazy and very rude vaudeville act called Tiger Lilies on a stage designed to re-create 1930’s Berlin. They did a song called ‘I’m a Pervert”!


I made a pendant with an ogham symbol for the oak tree in brass. Well, I was quite pleased with it anyway!


I listened to Deborah Maggoch talk about adapting her books for film screenplays for Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Tulip Fever (coming out later this year)


There was a wacky cricket match on ‘The Village Green’ between The Wilderness XI and an Australian XI with a saucy commentary. There were 14 streakers in one innings. The score card showed score, wickets, overs and number of streakers!


This is a band called Caravan Festival. They play a kind of electro-1920s dance music that was lots of fun.


There was even some Morris dancing!


The Saturday Night Spectacular was, well, truly spectacular.


Those are real people suspended from the crane there – all volunteers. Crazy fuckers!


Finale of the Saturday Night Spectacular


I went to see Holland Park Opera do a version of Alice in Wonderland in the walled garden. But their Red Queen was nowhere near as scary as my Fetish Red Queen!


Yay, some sub-Saharan Tourag blues from Bombino. Love it!


I’m exhausted – and that’s only touched the surface of all the different stuff you could have got up to.