Sketch by Sally Nemesis

I’m excited to have got a piece of my work accepted by Eternal Haunted Summer, which is a pagan literary e-magazine.  The item in question is a poem called The Eye of the Hare and was written for a pagan ritual held to celebrate the spring equinox.

I’m thrilled about this on a number of counts.  First, it’s a real departure from my usual work and has taken me out of my usual territory of erotica, bdsm and fetish.  And it’s a poem.  I find poetry a real effort to write and only do poems when the muse grabs me so I’m really pleased I’ve produced a piece somebody’s prepared to publish.  I’m also delighted that a friend of mine, whose story I typed up and proof read for her, will have something published in the same issue of this e-mag.

Both pieces are scheduled to appear in the spring solstice edition of Eternal Haunted Summer which I think will be coming out some time in April.  I’ll post again when it comes out with a link