Welcome to Tabitha Rayne to my blog page today.  I’d like to thank her for contributing a blog on such an interesting theme – the idea of sexual transcendence, and for coming over to talk about her new release ‘Taking Flight’. 

This is a theme I covered in a bdsm context in an essay, ‘BDSM Rituals’   I wrote a few years ago.  So as a companion piece to Tabitha’s blog I’ve mounted that as a free read here on my site – you can read it here.

Erotic Transportation

Thank you Nano for having me here today to chat about my new book.

I was thinking about how sex and the erotic can transport us physically, emotionally and spiritually to very different places.

TR-TF-Bk1-1600x2400-HR (4)One of the themes in my current release, Taking Flight, is sexual transcendence – where at the point of orgasm, your spirit can break free from the physical barriers and meet with your lover’s. The leading couple find that they have been on the brink of this state in their sexual play for ages, it is only by meeting an older couple who have been striving to achieve this union for years that they can put a name to it: Ultimate Unity. It is one of the driving elements of my story as the couple are torn apart and may never see each other again – their only hope of ever meeting is on this sexual spiritual plane. So they must take lovers and explore this point over and over again. Did I mention it is an erotic novel? ;)

I know in BDSM there’s all sorts of sub spaces and planes you can fall into so perhaps some people will identify with this side of things… even falling off the edge into the sweet oblivion of vanilla induced orgasm makes it happen in real life! What joy :D

Here’s a little snippet… it is at the point where Deborah and Marcus first discuss Ultimate Unity and follows a sexy voyeuristic adventure in the trees.

Deborah woke back in their shelter at the camp. It was late afternoon, and her body ached in that satisfying way as if she’d been working out at the gym. Then she remembered just how worked out she had been. The shroud of sleep began to lift and she blinked her eyes open to see Marcus smiling down at her with a self-satisfied air.

“Was it you back there?” Deborah perched up on one elbow and picked a piece of apple from the plate he offered. As the sticky-sweet flesh rolled over her tongue she was suddenly ravenous. “Was it, Marcus?” she pleaded, trying her best not to let guilt or paranoia spoil the incredible thing that had just happened to her. “Were you watching me from the bushes?”

He dropped his head and couldn’t look her directly in the eye.

“It was someone else, wasn’t it?” She gasped, reality sinking in. “Was it Birch?”

Marcus finally looked at her through his hair, his mouth curling into a small smile despite what looked like his efforts to stop it. He nodded.

Deborah began to tremble in a way she thought was shock or anger. They’d never shared each other before, ever, not even a kiss. But then, as he drew her into the most secure, comforting embrace, she realized it was excitement. It was the same feeling she’d had that morning while being fondled and caressed by Hazel before being lead to the clearing.

“I don’t understand,” she said.

He lowered her back onto the bed and lay beside her, running his fingers over her body, massaging her breasts then stroking her shoulders, neck, arms. She felt like a cat, purring on a sunny ledge, and just let herself fall into that sweet oblivion of sensation.

“I want us to have what they have,” he said slowly and quietly, but not gently enough to disguise the lust that flirted at the edges of his words. “I want to own you in the way he owns her, and I want you to own me in the way she owns him.”

“What do you mean? We do belong to each other.” She reached up and cupped his jaw.

“Yes, I know,” he said, bringing her even closer in to him. “But I want a bond that transcends all else. I want to know that no matter where we are, who we’re with, or what we’re doing, the bond between us will be unbreakable.”

“You’re not making sense, Marcus, and I’m tired.” She tugged herself free and rolled to face away from him, suddenly offended at what he had said. “It’s like you’re dismissing what we already have. And I think we’ve got something pretty special.” She was angry, but again she’d confused her own state of mind and realized what she felt was fear. What Marcus was saying scared her. He’d been making plans for when they were captured and separated. She started to cry.

He reached out for her, holding her, soothing her.

“Birch and Hazel have been preparing their bond for months, years even.” He pulled her around to face him once more. “They want to know that, no matter what happens to their physical selves, they will always be together spiritually. They are striving to reach an emotional unity so intense that when they come, they are each other.”

“You know I’m a scientist, right?” Deborah smiled and poked him, trying to get him to see how crazy he sounded.

“Yes, and I’m a skeptical agnostic, but you can’t deny they are amazing.”

Deborah brought the past few days—could it be weeks?—to mind. The discussions the four of them had around the fire each night were philosophical, theological, sexual, scientific—never personal. Neither couple had inquired about the other’s situation or reasons for being there, exiled in the wood, or ventured their own story. It was like the code of the forest. It actually freed up a lot of space for getting right into the debates on life, existence, and all the good stuff. Deborah had found it scintillating and refreshing and had relished the talks. Marcus, though, seemed to have gleaned a lot more about the sexual spiritual side than she had. While she’d been thinking about the existence of God, he’d been wondering about fucking. She smiled to herself; she could only think after the best, most intense orgasm of her life that one of them had been the fool all this time, and it wasn’t him.

“So how do we do it?”

Tiny snippet

“If we part ways,” he started but Deborah pressed a finger to his lips, she didn’t want to hear it, speaking it might make it true. He pushed her hand from his face and held it at his chest, his woozy gaze fixed on hers. “Deborah, if we part ways, I’ll find you. I’ll find you at the meeting point. Do everything you can to come. We are more than the physical.”

Taking Flight ACB promo small

Taking Flight by Tabitha Rayne The prequel to A Clockwork Butterfly Genre(s): Futuristic Erotic Romance Price: $4.99

Lovers on the run in search of a bond that transcends all else.

Dr. Deborah Regan is a scientist working on a cure to the poison that’s killing the male population and destroying the natural world. But when she makes a breakthrough in her research, it becomes clear that the authorities have no intention of finding a cure, and now that she’s getting closer to an answer, she’s a threat to them—a threat they need to deal with quickly.

Deborah and her partner, Marcus, flee to the forest where they meet another couple on the run. Birch and Hazel show them how to survive in the wild and teach them the theory of ultimate unity. They believe that by finding sexual nirvana at the point of intense orgasm, they will break through the barriers of physicality and become one.

It soon becomes apparent that Deborah has an aptitude for falling into this trance-like state, and she manages to bring Marcus on her journey. Their spirits can indeed join together at the meeting point, suspended in time and space while they climax.

When Birch and Hazel become jealous of the young couple’s ease at reaching ultimate unity—something they’ve unsuccessfully tried to do for years—they betray Deborah and Marcus to the authorities. As they are separated, Marcus begs Deborah to continue to search for the ultimate sexual unity, because he’s convinced that no matter where they are, this connection will allow them to meet again on a spiritual plane.

Will this metaphysical union be enough for a couple so deeply in love?

Content Warning: This book contains apocalyptic peril and graphic sexual content, including m/f and f/f sexual interaction, along with BSDM

Note: This book has been previously published.


Tabitha Rayne has been told she is quirky, lovely and kinky – not necessarily in that order or by the same person. She writes erotic romance and as long as there’s a love scene – she’ll explore any genre.

Her short stories are included in anthologies from Cleis Press, Ravenous Romance, HarperCollins Mischief, Xcite, Oysters & Chocolate, Burning Books Press and House of Erotica. Her novella, Mia’s Books won a Reader’s Choice Award with TwoLips reviews. Taking Flight is the second book in The Clockwork Butterfly trilogy from Beachwalk Press.

Tabitha also has a passion for art and takes great pleasure in painting nude ladies.



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