P1030931A few weeks ago I made a major change in my life…I took early retirement.  Though it’s not so much a ‘retirement’ as having to collect my occupational pension to do the things I want to do…one of which is developing my writing.

So, the idea is I will have loads more time to write and pursue other interests as well (No, facebook does not qualify as an interest!).  I have quite a few projects planned or in my head including completing a second book already in progress, ideas for a sequel to Adventures in Fetishland are floating  around in my head and there’s my erotic, comic, steam punk, thriller featuring my Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester character which I’ve drafted some chapters for.

Now, all that sounds great on paper, but have I actually written a word since I left work?….no, not one!  Admittedly I’ve been on holiday in France for a couple of weeks, chilling and thinking so that’s ok, I’m not too concerned about that.

But now, I get home and the spectre of the World Cup is looming.  Now, anybody who has followed England in a World Cup will know what a traumatic experience it is.  It’s not just the time taken watching the games (though on some days you can watch 3 games in a row…3 games!!) it’s more the emotional turmoil that renders any creative activity impossible.

In some ways it’s better if England go out in the qualifying round because the tension and anxiety only goes up a notch the further they go…hell, you start to believe it might be possible and that’s disastrous for your emotional well-being.  Belief always ends up with crushing disappointment!

So, do I simply write the whole period of the World Cup off and start writing in earnest when it’s all over?  But even that doesn’t work because if we go out in the semi’s on penalties the whole experience will be so emotionally damaging it will scar me forever and I’ll never write again!