My latest release has just been published by House of Erotica.  It’ s a novella (around 10,000 words) called ‘The Awakening of Kim’ and it’s a foray into sci-fi BDSM.

It’s a story I’ve had around for a while and which I found fun to write.  I had a couple of versions of different lengths as it had been edited for a  short story submission at one point, but the published version is the longest one.  I’m delighted House of Erotica have published and distributed it as it’s a story I have a soft spot for and think deserves a wider audience.  It features a sentient computer and a purple tentacled alien called Parp, so it should appeal to the geek in you!  It has some hot bdsm scenes, but the setting takes it all a bit tongue in cheek so it’s a fun story too.

At the heart of the story is Dr Sally Nemesis and her team of scientists attempting to bring back to life a girl who’s been perfectly preserved for 1,000 years – using some rather unconventional methods!

You can find out more about the story with an extract and buy links here.

Story summary

Sally Nemesis, brilliant scientist and the galaxy’s expert on the neurology of sexual behaviour is embarking on a daring experiment.  Presented with a girl perfectly preserved in molten rock over one thousand years ago and found in bizarre circumstances, she sets about trying to bring her to life.  But her methods are somewhat unconventional and when she finds that the girl has served in a mistress’s dungeon she sets about invoking the girl’s memories from the past.  Will she succeed in her bold challenge