Lust in the Dust coverLust in the Dust

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

I’m thrilled to have a story included in ‘Lust in the Dust’, an anthology of post-apocalyptic erotica edited by the brilliant Janine Ashbless.

My contribution is a story entitled ‘In Pursuit of the Millennium’. The brief for the anthology was for stories where “civilisation and the rule of law has crashed and burned for any reason.” So, I went for an historical setting placing my story in 16th century Germany which was awash with groups who believed the end of the world was imminent. It’s set in Munster at a time when a radical Anabaptist sect had taken control of the town, believing they’d instituted God’s rule on earth. What could possibly go wrong?!

Lust in the Dust is published by Sinful Press on 5th July.

Book blurb

Peace and plenty are ideals barely remembered. Everything we used to rely upon has crumbled away, and pleasure is something few can afford. Every joy has to be fought for. When all the trappings of a civilised life are taken away, all we can hope to truly call our own are our bodies and our hearts. In the ashes, we make alliances where we can, and find solace and humanity in unexpected places. And maybe even a little hope for the future…

Lust in the Dust brings together ten erotic short stories set in times where civilisation and the rule of law have crashed and burned. The aftermath of a terrible war, a zombie invasion, a cityscape over-run by nature, a medieval fortress. Wherever there is life, there is lust.

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The following stories are included in the anthology:

1. In Pursuit of the Millennium by S. Nano
2. Addicted to Disaster by Elizabeth Coldwell
3:.First Contact by Raven Sky
4. Ring of Fire by Sommer Marsden
5. Virtual Insanity by Cara Thereon
6. Hollywood by Jones
7. Mourning Doves in Limbo by Gregory L. Norris
8. Better Than Therapy by Nicole Wolf
9. The Basque of the Red Death by Janine Ashbless
10. Checkout Girl by Quiet Ranger