I’ve recently returned from a holiday in Majorca.  One of the places I went to is La Granja, which is a Mallorcan country house, farm and estate set in the mountains.

There was a house on the site from the 10th century when Majorca was ruled by the Moors.  After Majorca was conquered by the Spanish King Jaime 1 the house was given to Count Nuno Sanz who in turn offered it to Cicstercian monks to use as a monastery.  The Cistercians sold it to the Vida family and it eventually ended up on the Fortuny family through marriage.  The current house was reconstructed by the Fortunys at the beginning of the 18th century.

It’s a lovely place but the house has some wonderfully random,wacky and strange things in it.  Below is a sample of some of the photos I took of stuff that interested me.

There was also a torture chamber with some rather neat dungeon equipment, which I’ll leave for a separate post!

Spanish corsetry










An antique hairdryer








A hare puppet










A witch puppet









A Child’s toilet








A model bird in a cage










A dining table that turns into a billiard table








A jar of pickled olives










A thousand year old yew tree










I want a study like this!!