There is this thing going around where you have to go to page 7 or 77 of a book of yours go to the 7th line and then post the next 7 sentences in a blog.  So, I go to the 77th page of my book ‘Adventures in Fetishland’ and do exactly that and, honestly I’m not making this up, you end up in the school room scene with my main character, Kim, being asked by the headmistress of the Academy for Submissive Girls what three plus two is (it’s seven not five silly!) and (eventually after a bit of punishment) her reply:-

“Seven.  Please m’am it’s seven, it really is seven!”

 The cane swished through the air and another five strokes crashed onto Kim’s arse with a wicked crack.

“How many?”

 “Seven.  It really is seven ma’m.  Truly, I believe it’s seven m’am.  Honestly!”

How strange is that?  I’m really not making it up – go and buy the book and check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me!!