The other weekend I did a photo shoot for my book Adventures in Fetishland.  I did them for a potential publicity opportunity in an attempt to get a feature, or at least a readers contribution, about the book in Bizarre magazine.

When I did a reading from the book at the Smut by the Sea authors and readers event at Scarborough in June 2013 a friend of a friend put me in touch with a professional photographer who kindly came up to Scarborough to take some photos of the fetish Red Queen, Hatter and Duchess.  The photographer was Andy Welford of Andrew Welford photography and digital art based in Hull.  I got some fabulous shots from that, which I’ve used to promote the book, some of which you might have seen on blogs I’ve used or on my facebook page.

There were some great photos of that event but the Red Queen felt we could get some even better ones in a studio set up.  It took a bit to set up but we eventually got Andy and his partner and assistant Tracey  to come over to the Red Queen’s dungeon in Leeds to take some more.  It was very generous of him as he did a 3 hour photo session with us for expenses only.  The afternoon was great fun and we all enjoyed getting dressed up in the fetish costumes and posing for Andy.  And the Red Queen’s dungeon provided a fabulous back-drop for the photos.

The idea was to re-create some of the scenes from the book.  So, we started with the prologue with the Red Queen on her throne with her raven.  Then we took some straight studio style shots of various photos of Red Queen, Hatter and Duchess.  Then we did shots of a scene in the book with the purple caterpillar and black cat.  Finally, we did the fetish Hatter tea party scene with the Red Queen taking on the Alice/Kim role.

The photos here are ones I took of the shoot itself.  I didn’t want to replicate what Andy was doing as he’d get the portrait shots, just to capture the shoot itself.  Obviously I was in some of the scenes so they’re not featured.

This is a taster.  I’ll post some of Andy’s photos at a later date and after I’ve offered some to Bizarre magazine.  And wow, there are some great images I can tell you!  But for now here’s a few of the shoot itself.

Getting started










The Red Queen and her Raven










The Red Queen and the Duchess










Mirror shot










Studio shot










Rehearsing poses










The cupcakes










The Red Queens Maid










Kim gets invited to a tea party










Kim and the Red Queen’s maid










Yes, it really was that much fun!










Would you like a cup-cake my dear?