Today I welcome Sean O’Kane as guest on my web site. Here he is talking about his new release, ‘Bound for Glory’

Extract Four.

A slave auction is held in this vision of a near future England, in which slave-owning is becoming almost respectable!

Anna looked at them curiously; she was aware that they were there to buy her body for their own purposes and vaguely she was aware that that thought should have shocked and angered her, but all she could really feel was curiosity about them and what use they would put her to – and how much sex would be involved.

For what felt like a tedious eternity she was poked and prodded and discussed. She was very much the centre of attention and couples, pairs of men and a few parties of obviously wealthy people queued up to have a feel of her vagina and rectum. Her breasts were hefted, squeezed and twisted, her nipples were pinched spitefully – especially by the females. Her buttocks were likewise hefted and squeezed and her thigh and calf muscles were felt and discussed. Some reached into her wrenched open mouth and yanked at her teeth. Others commented on the softness of her lips. But despite it all Anna could only feel pride – and increasingly – a desperate need to come. Her vagina had stopped stinging and was awash in juice. The fingers that plunged up into her were immediately able to penetrate as far as they needed to and were able to slip in and out of her with no problem at all. That also made their anal penetration easier and the lube that was hung on the side of the hoop that she was hung in was not needed at all.

As she noted the designer labels of the dresses and shoes of the women, it crossed her mind that someone who she had known in her previous life might attend. Even the chip couldn’t shield her from the shiver of disgust she felt at the thought of having to serve someone she was once on equal terms with, but fortunately she didn’t recognise anyone.

“How are the mighty fallen, eh?” one man said after the potential buyers had been examining the merchandise for nearly an hour. “Anna Chatham hanging up for auction!” He casually stuck the fingers of one hand into her cunt without taking his other hand out of his pocket.

“You bidding?” his male companion asked.

“Nah! No point. Apart from her name, look how she’s built! She’ll pull the crowds into any arena in the world – let alone in this country.” His thumb began to rasp at her clitoris and Anna couldn’t stop the shudder that ran through her, it was the onset of a huge orgasm that had been building up steadily. All she needed now was a few thrusts of the fingers inside her and a few harder rasps at her pounding clit and she would explode – she just knew it.


Anna Chatham’s life is suddenly ripped apart and her catastrophic fall from fame and fortune to criminal takes only a few days. And in the Britain that she knows, some twenty years in the future, when a pretty girl is condemned for anti-social behaviour, it can mean only one thing. In his relentless drive towards power Clive Mostyn has steered through slavery legislation. Anna Chatham now faces fifteen years as the legal property of an arena. But there is a sinister purpose at work behind her downfall and as she learns to submit to her Masters, a devastatingly cruel plot is revealed. Page-turning action as always as Sean takes us to the climactic Demolition Derby – the arenas’ latest and harshest test for its slaves.

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The book is also available from all outlets of WHSmith Travel in the UK.


Sean O’Kane came to writing erotica via various routes. He was a successful author in other fields before the erotic bug bit him!s

Since first appearing in the Silver Moon canon he has written several best-selling titles and ‘Bound for Glory’ is the ninth novel in the acclaimed Arena series. Readers have kindly supplied him with a lot of feedback over the course of the series and even suggested ways in which the various plot lines might develop. He is very gratified by this proof of his books being enjoyed. In the erotic genre, that degree of reader feedback is rare!

He has another Arena novel planned but after that is not decided in which direction he might turn.

Sean lives a full life beyond his hours at the computer. He is keen on gardening and cooking as well as reading – he likes to see what everyone else is up to! He has many friends on the SM scene and is proud to class Francine Whittaker as being among them.