Today I’m joining the Blisse Kiss After Dark event with a kiss from my newly released novella ‘The Pagan Sorceress’.  The kiss takes place at midnight on a moon-lit Samhain night.

As a giveway I’m offering a pdf copy of ‘Pandora’ another of my House of Erotica novellas to a person who adds a comment to this web page  and answers the question, which famous  actress played Grendel’s mother in the film version of Beowulf?

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If you’re looking for an erotic read this Halloween then check out Slave Nano’s new release ‘The Pagan Sorceress’.  The action takes place on Samhain as archaeology student Sam sets out to re-enact a Pagan burial ceremony.

If the author of the Anglo-Saxon heroic tale Beowulf did erotica what might it have sounded like?  That’s the challenge author Slave Nano has set himself in his newly released novella ‘The Pagan Sorceress’, partly set in the Anglo-Saxon era.

Sam is about to carry out a strange experiment.  She is an archaeology student specialising in reconstructive archaeology and her idea is to recreate an Anglo-Saxon pagan burial ceremony.  It’s Samhain eve and the night of a full moon so it’s the perfect time to carry out such a ritual.  She enlists the help of her friend, Dan, and together they go off to the site of a burial mound where wonderful swords and sceptres were excavated many years ago.

A travelling story teller is at the court of a Saxon king.  He recites the tale of two soul-entwined lovers from an earlier, more chaotic, period when king’s warred amongst each other.  He tells the tragic tale of Cyneburh, Pagan sorceress and daughter of the mighty Pagan king Penda and Alhfrith, son of Athelwald the king of Deira, her hero-warrior lover and betrothed.  The two kings have formed a mighty political and religious alliance but, more than that, the young woman and man have forged a passionate union of their own.  But this new alliance has enemies and before their wedding night is over there will be a tragic outcome.  As King Penda stands at the edge of their burial chamber he invokes a curse of vengeance against the murderous act perpetrated against him.  But, how many years will it take before he is finally avenged?

As Sam stands on top of the burial mound dressed as an Anglo-Saxon pagan priestess with Dan at her side, is she aware of what ancient powers she will invoke as their lives become entwined with those of Cyneburh and Alhfrith from many centuries ago?  Will the pagan king’s oath of vengeance be fulfilled?  Will the souls of the two lovers be finally released?

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Blisse Kiss After Dark – The Pagan Sorceress

Sam, who had been rummaging in one of the ruck-sacks for something whilst talking, slung a red and white measuring stick at Dan who reacted nimbly and caught it in his hand.  A second came flying at him.

“What’s the time,” Sam asked.

Dan glanced down awkwardly at his watch whilst holding the two poles.

“Quarter to midnight.  But what’s significant about that?  Are you waiting for witching hour?” he laughed.

“This is serious Dan.  I want to prove a theory I’ve got,” she replied.

She took the map in her hand and carefully counted fifty paces from the centre of the mound with Dan following her.  She glanced quickly up at the sky.

“Right, put one measuring pole here,” she said digging the heel of her boot into the chalky soil.  Dan dutifully did as he was told and buried the end of the stick into the soil.  She walked sideways another twenty paces still checking the map and directed Dan to put the other pole into the ground.  The two measuring sticks were buried at the exact location where the two yew trees would have stood.  She raced back to the centre of the mound, Dan running after her.

“I don’t get it Sam, what are you trying to prove?”

But as soon as he had mounted the mound and turned around to face the two poles he gasped in astonishment.

“Shit Sam!”

“Yes, Yes.  That’s it!  I knew it,” Sam shouted punching her fist in the air and jumping animatedly up and down on the burial mound. “Just as I’d imagined it.  It was a guess – a calculated one – pure instinct really.  But I just knew it!”

They both stood on the top of the burial mound.  It was midnight on Samhain eve and as they stared back the full moon was in exact alignment between the two measuring sticks casting them and the mound in a luminous glow.

“Fuck, I knew it, I knew it!” she exclaimed.  “This isn’t just any old burial mound.  I’m convinced of it.  You’ve seen the pictures of the objects buried there and now this.  This was done by design.  It’s part of the meaning of the site.  There was somebody significant and very powerful buried here.”

Dan was transfixed.

“It’s awesome Sam. Really, it’s amazing. It’s so clever and well…..mystical.”

They both laughed loudly at the excitement of sharing such a magical moment as they stood on the ancient site of pagan ritual bathed in white light.  Sam slung her arms around Dan’s neck and spontaneously, caught in the thrill of discovery and the majesty of the setting, gave him a long passionate kiss. Of course they’d kissed like that before, but there was a tingle of something different between them as if the setting and the full moon had some influence over them.  Dan could feel it and sensed Sam was affected as well.  There was an embarrassed silence after they broke off from their kiss until Sam took up her discourse again.