Or to call it by it’s full title:-

A Study of the marine life of the inter-tidal rock pools on the coastal margins of the Flamborough Headland Special Area of Conservation.

P1030620Thrilled to hear that my learned paper on the marine life of the Flamborough Headland has been accepted for the Smut by the Sea Vol.3 anthology.

Here’s the abstract of my academic research:  “The coastal margin of Flamborough Head is a great place to explore the intertidal marine life.  Peering into a rock pool will reveal a new exciting world, full of weird and wonderful creatures…”

I perhaps ought to say at this point that I have not turned from author of erotica to marine biologist overnight and that A Study of the marine life… is of course an erotic short-story inspired by the rock pools around Flamborough Head near my home in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

I will post more information about the other stories in the anthology, release date and buy links etc in the writing section of my site when I have more information.  Unfortunately, there’s no cover art available yet so I’ve posted a photograph of one of the characters in the story, the Beadlet Anenome (no, seriously!).

Having also just had a story accepted for More Smut for Chocoholics Vol.2 I’m now faced with dilemma of what I read at the Smut by the Sea Reading Slam in June.  Hmm…do I go sea salty or chocolaty?  I guess with the seaside theme and Flamborough being just down the road from Scarborough I ought to go salty.