I’ve been involved in a very different kind of writing venture. Last November I went to Musicport, which is a fabulous world music festival, held in the seaside town of Bridlington on the east coast of Yorkshire. Whilst I was there I went to a workshop run by a writer, Ian Cayton. His idea was to collect stories from musicians, audience, stage crew, catering staff and anybody connected to the festival with a view to publishing a book of stories all related to music. The idea of the workshop was that you told each other a story about a musical experience and then you had 10 minutes to write it down, more or less as you had told it. No time to read it through let alone edit it, which is a bit scary! I frantically scribbled something down and waited anxiously to see how it would turn out.  Anyway the book has been published. It’s called ‘Stories From  A World of Music’ and is edited by Ian Clayton and Ian Daley. It contains my account along with 100 other contributors, some from the workshop, others based on interviews by the author. I’m sure the editors tidied my piece up as I don’t remember it being anything like as coherent as it reads!  It’s only a page in a section about pieces of music that inspired or had an impact on the contributors.  It’s about buying an album from a market in my home town when I was a teenager and listening to the first piece of music by what is still my favourite band, the Grateful Dead.  It was a fun thing to do – and a change to do something that didn’t have bdsm or extreme fetish in it!  The stories are all unattributed but there is a list of contributors (my real name not my pen name). It was great fun to be involved in and cool to think my contribution is alongside stories about the magnificent Hugh Masekela, who was headlining at the festival. You can buy the book on this website. http://www.route-online.com/all-books/stories-from-a-world-of-music.html